Get to know our producers..

Kaelia Winterstein, Producer

Kaelia spent her younger days as a frequent performer of musical theater. She was one of the crazy busy kids who took dance classes, piano lessons, gymnastics, voice, and theater, before it was it was typical for kids to be doing a thousand things at once. In her mid-twenties, a permanent injury took Kaelia off the stage and, as fate would have it, put her behind the scenes where she realized she actually belonged.  Lit Live was a beautiful 5-minute discussion between her and Steve that became the model of most of their conversations; Steve started by saying "I have an idea..." and Kaelia responded with "I love it. When do we start?"Kaelia is so happy to be part of the incredible production team that we now have and she is eternally grateful to be able to call her fellow team members her friends. Kaelia has served as an organizer for Lit Live, spending quite a bit of time on the phone or writing emails, and loves having the opportunity to put her skills to good use. 

Steve Hayes, Producer

Steve Hayes started out as The Idea Guy for Lit Live's inception. His experiences as a father, a businessman, and a perpetual volunteere cause Steve to believe that nothing is impossible and, if you're going to dream, dream BIG! Steve is a huge proponent of trusting young people with big responsibilities, as long as they have a true passion and drive for it, and being the support that helps make them successful. This aspect of Steve has caused him to bring numerous young people to the Lit Live family, who have blossomed into incredible technicians, directors, and even a producer.  Steve has always been passionate about art and a big believer in society's youth, which is a combination that is well-developed at Lit Live Theater Company. 

Pat Lewis, Producer

Pat is a founding member of the Lit Live Theater Co. Knowing nothing about producing or staging plays, she jumped in with both feet.  That was in 2013, and it’s been an amazing journey.   When Pat’s not busy with Lit Live, she volunteers her time working with many local non-profits. Pat is grateful to her fellow producers for their hard work and for the love and laughter they bring to her life.   


Morgan Keough, Producer

Morgan has always had a passion for directing as well as years of theater education as an actor, but it is because of Lit Live that she found her love for producing. Morgan is most happy when she watches talented people express their passions, and there is plenty of that to go around over here. She is the Social Media Manager of our company, but also enjoys directing, stage managing, and being a makeup artist for our various productions, especially because everyone we work with brings light and joy to every rehearsal. 

Kris Mikita, Producer

Kris Mikita is passionate for theater and its inception from start to finish. She love working with our team and watching new directors find their voice and is looking forward to making many more academic theatrical productions. Family is the most important part of Kris’s life, both her biological one and our theater Community. She is also Co-Founder and Program Director for Spectrum Collaborative, a new project that works with LGBTQ youth in Simi Valley.