Welcome to the Lit Live website!  We are so happy that you have taken an interest in our company and, perhaps, we can convince you to keep reading so that you can learn a little more about what we do ... 

Lit Live is what we call an "educational theater company".  Not that ALL performance companies aren't educational but, specifically, we mean that our mission statement is to put educational material (mostly famous literary works or authors) on the stage for young people.  The concept for Lit Live was formulated by a couple of people (Steve and Kaelia) who had worked together with our parent company, It's A New Day, whose sole purpose is to give great musical performance opportunities to young people.  Steve loved what It's A New Day was doing and felt that he would like to branch out into theatrical production, so he called Kaelia, who has spent the majority of her life on stage or behind the scenes.  Less than a year later, Kaelia brought Dark Heart of Poe to Steve's attention, and it became our opening production for Lit Live.  Our team of producers now includes the amazing organized Pat Lewis, the resourceful marketing guru, Kris Mikita, and our brilliant "Jill of all trades", Morgan Keough! We are excited to announce we have recently added a new producer to our company in 2019, Miss Hayley Silvers. Hayley has years of experience working with theaters around LA and Ventura County and is the perfect addition to the Lit Live family. We are also very lucky to have our in-house Technical Director, Mr. Brandon Molnar, whose technical talent and vision makes each and every one of our productions a true work of art. 

We consider ourselves so fortunate to have extended our little family far beyond this production staff ... Between the actors, directors, costumers, designers, teachers and administration we have worked with over the past few years (not to mention all of the friends that were just willing to help and support!), Lit Live is coming upon it's fifth season!  We have performed at the Secret Rose Theater in North Hollywood, the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, Schrillo Auditorium, Playhouse101, Santa Susana High School Performing Arts Center, The Elite Theatre Company, and are currently expanding our horizons to work with even more theaters in LA county. 

But our most successful connection this past year was to continue our relationship with Valley View Middle School in Simi Valley, where we took The Diary of Anne Frank, directed by Hannah Peterson in 2018, and performed for their entire eighth grade class! We will be producing this show again in 2019 and touring it to all three middle schools in Simi Valley, for over 1,200 eighth graders to enjoy. THIS is our mission: to bring educational theater directly to the students. To add another element to our Common Core system.  To create future artists and theatergoers.  

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for your support.  We couldn't do this without you!

- Steve, Kaelia, Pat, Kris, Hayley, and Morgan 

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